Since October 2015, we have all been graced by the vocals of Adele and her hit single from her new album: Hello. Personally, I immediately described my first time listening to the song–with my sorority sister in the car ending our GHOE weekend–as beginning to miss people I have yet to even meet.

As her song continues to grace mainstream radio and social media, I began to actually analyze the lyrics and relate the song to my personal experiences. It is a great song mind you and her vocals are so beautiful as always, but it makes me question why exes feel the need to contact their former after an extended period of time?

In her song she reaches out to her ex, calling him multiple times attempting to apologize for breaking his heart. She realizes, he has moved on by saying “clearly it doesn’t tear you apart anymore”.

Now here is where my issue comes to existence. Why oh why do ex boyfriends and ex girlfriends feel the need to hit their former up when they CLEARLY see them happy and moved on?!?! What is their to discuss? It seems like everyone wants that romantic comedy movie where you date, get in a relationship, break up, move on, reconnect and live happily ever after. It ins’t the case. For some of us it is, but I personally know and believe no longer communicating with your ex is the best thing. Now if you happen to see him or her at events or in public and they acknowledge you, don’t be rude, a quick hey is cool. I’m not going to engage in a super in-depth conversation on my life because its no longer his business.

It is just interesting how its such a new thing for exes to try and reconnect. I have had several cases, especially this past year. I’ve had to block from social media and even remove Facebook messenger from my phone. I was getting FB phone calls. In the past I’ve tried to be the person that is still cordial and says happy birthday, but it didn’t work out. In fact, it has simply served as an open invitation to the “Oh we are cool now” when reality we aren’t.

I’m ranting, but regardless, the song is beautiful, but I disagree with contacting exes, especially after a significant time period. It interrupts their happiness.


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